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XClinical is an international EDC vendor headquartered in Europe, founded in 2002. Our software solutions and technical services accelerate your trials worldwide. We are focused on your specific requirements and provide you with the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing needs. XClinical has over 15 years of experience with EDC software. Our employees are experts in clinical research, project management, software development, data privacy and data security. With fast response times, we are focused on your trial.

XClinical is a medium-sized company fully dedicated to developing software to support the clinical development of drugs and medical products.

The company was founded in Munich, Germany with a vision to build a new EDC system leveraging CDISC standards to accelerate the database build and reduce data management programming efforts. The company has grown at an average annual growth rate of 10-25% each year since its inception. The customer base has grown to over 65 clients including more than 30 CROs that use Marvin independently of XClinical. Over the last 5 years, we have opened offices in New Jersey, US, Basel, Switzerland. Through partnerships, we are also represented in Nantes, France, and Tokyo, Japan.

We are an active member of the CDISC organization because we are convinced that the widespread use of this standard for data interchange, data submission and archiving facilitates the efficient use of e-Trial technology and processes. Marvin was one of the first products to be certified to the CDISC ODM standard.

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Franciscus Pijpers :: Chief Executive Officer

Franciscus Pijpers combines over 25 years of experience in IT, project and executive management with emphasis on delivering solutions and services for the pharmaceutical industry. As an entrepreneur he founded ECLINSO in Switzerland and developed a software system for managing clinical studies. It started a strategic cooperation with XClinical for delivering EDC services in 2011. In 2015, Franciscus took on an executive role at XClinical to further expand the business based on his experience.


Manuel Neukum :: Chief Operating Officer

Manuel Neukum joined XClinical as Project Data Manager in 2011. After Manuel gained a solid background in Computer Science and the sector of clinical trials he turned his focus on Business Administration and Leadership. Together with Franciscus Pijpers he dedicates his time to fulfill the XClinical vision.


Dr. Philippe Verplancke :: Global Head of Business Development

Dr. Philippe Verplancke graduated as an electrical engineer from the University of Ghent in Belgium. He earned a Ph.D. in the field of nuclear fusion research at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Munich, Germany. In 2002, he founded XClinical with the vision of creating a truly user-friendly EDC system based on CDISC standards. As Global Head of Business Development, he manages the active relationship with our partners and customers and accelerates the growth of our business in Japan, Europe, and the USA.


Maurice Pustjens :: Global Head of Operations

After completing his masters program in Informatics at Eindhoven University of Technology, Maurice Pustjens successfully completed an MBA. Maurice has been working in a Management role in the area of Support and Operations focused on the Pharmaceutical Industry for more than 10 years. Since 2016 Maurice Pustjens is Global Head of Operations at XClinical and is responsible for Customer Support and Operations.


Nicole Ellenrieder :: Global Head of Project Management

Nicole joined XClinical in 2015. As Global Head of Project Management Nicole leads our team of Project Data Managers and Software Trainers within our Professional Services team. With her experience and expertise in medical documentation and computer science, she always finds intelligent solutions for the integration of Marvin for our clients.


Marcus Roseneck :: Head of Software Development

Marcus Roseneck graduated in Computer Linguistics with a focus on Information Retrieval at the LMU university in Munich. He joined XClinical already in 2009 as software developer. Since 2014 he is the Head of Software Development and a real Marvin enthusiast.


Dr. Elisabeth Frank :: Product Manager

Dr. Elisabeth Frank brings a strong background in neuroscience research, bioinformatics and knowledge management to the XClinical family. Starting in 2018 as Project Manager, she is since 2019 also responsible for the Marvin Connected Portfolio following her passion for digital healthcare and user-centric software development.


Simone Sauter :: Global Head of Software Testing

Simone joined XClinical in 2015. She holds a master degree in medical informatics and leads our team of Software Testers in Munich.


Jochen Lutz :: Product Manager

After heading the Professional Service team for 8 years, Jochen Lutz has been appointed as Product Manager for all XClinical products in 2011. In this position, he is the interface between Sales, Professional Services and Software Development and decides about the development of new software features and modules. As our Security Officer, he is responsible for data privacy and data security within all XClinical products and processes.


Cathy Hlinka :: VP Business Development USA

Cathy Hlinka is a member of the XClinical team since 2009. As VP Business Development USA she is the first contact person for our customers and prospective customers in North America. Before XClinical Cathy was responsible for marketing at Datatrak for more than 10 years.


Rainer Küppers :: QA Manager

Since 2012 Rainer Küppers has been responsible for Quality Assurance Management at XClinical. Over 15 years in various positions in clinical data management earned him a multitude of experience in paper-based as well as EDC-based trials, both from the sponsor and the CRO perspective. In this role, he had already made active contributions to the QA process and gained experience in EDC vendor management from the sponsor side.


Sabine Birkner :: Marketing Manager

Sabine Birkner strengthens the XClinical team since 2013. She has several years of experience in the software industry. As marketing manager, she is responsible for the coordination of all marketing and PR activities as well as the organization of our events.


Rupert Sedlmayr :: Business Development Manager

Since 2016 Rupert Sedlmayr reinforces the Business Development Team as a Sales & Account Manager. From 2010 to 2015 he worked as a Project Data Manager in the XClinical Professional Services Team. Altogether Rupert Sedlmayr has more than 9 years of experience in Clinical Data Management with various EDC systems. He received his University Diploma (=Master of Science) in the field of Biology (focus on Molecular Biology) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich in 2006.


Harald Müller :: Account & Invoicing Manager

Harald Müller has been part of the XClinical family since May 2012. He works in our customer success team and takes care of our existing customers.

Marvin :: eClinical Software Solution

You want to know more about Marvin? Just watch our video and have fun! Or contact us: info@xclinical.com