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Marvin Direct is a communication framework for secure video and chat communication. The product is designed to meet the regulatory requirements of the life science industry, in particular in the area of clinical trials.

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A special Situation demands new Tools

Marvin Direct is the best method of meeting your patients virtually. Using Marvin Direct investigators and research staff can send centralized push notifications to all trial participants using the app.

Video Chat with Identity Protection

Marvin Direct meets all regulatory guidelines including the strict requirements of the German Data Protection Supervisory Authority audited by an independent party.

Video Call and Chat Communication

Marvin Direct comes with two components to empower the communication in clinical trials between site user (e.g. investigator, study site staff) and subjects (patients) or CRAs leveraging video calls or chat.

Easy to Use

With one of our CRO accounts you get access to our powerful administration back-end.  It provides you a fine-grained permission framework to define roles and access rights, thus enabling on-site staff to securely interact with their patients over mobile devices to gather the data they need.

End-to-End Encryption

With a central admin portal and a decentralized storage the Marvin Direct app is perfectly targeted towards CRA/Monitors, Sites and Hospitals

“Marvin Direct can be used in combination with our other products or as a stand-alone app and provides a GDPR compliant communication platform that is securely encrypted.”

Franciscus Pijpers, CEO

Expert Ressources

Our Marvin Direct App serves as a mobile Study Portal for various use cases: Site-Patient Communication, Communication between site and CRO/sponsor

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