Clinical Data Management

Meet Marvin EDC

As of today, more than 1,300 studies worldwide have been managed using Marvin EDC.

Marvin is one of the most comprehensive eClinical solutions on the market.

Marvin provides intuitive, easy to use tools that do not require programming knowledge. With Marvin clinical trials become easy, streamlined and cost-effective. We have custom-made solutions for CROs and for academic institutions, too.

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Why choose Marvin to run your Trial?

Marvin provides solutions for pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, cosmetics, and consumer health trials. It is easy to set up and users praise its usability and multiple integrated features.


Easy Study Set-Up and Management

Enjoy a well-built and flexible modern application to safely collect your clinical data. A versatile software that enables easy study set-up and management. Both customers and end users value the simplicity combined with complex, customizable workflows. The integrated solution comprised of various eClinical modules, optimally supports clinical trial processes and enables seamless data flow.


Marvin is used in 69 Countries


More than 1200 studies realized
with Marvin EDC


Impressive universal Capabilities

Most Clinical Trials are conducted internationally spanning multiple countries or even continents. Marvin is designed with a comprehensive vision of the challenges global studies bring. Beginning with a centralized database that is accessible from any web browser, the addition of not just multi-language, but every language became a standard offering. Sensitive to the fact that not all regions have internet access, Marvin of course also allows for double-data entry (DDE) and hybrid studies.

Strong Interfacing

Marvin – Beyond Data Capture

  • Quick and easy implementation of mid study changes 
  • Advanced query management 
  • Flexible for any type of study
  • Complete Audit Trail 
  • (S)AE Notifications 
  • Electronic Signatures 

All in One eClinical Software Platform

Scope of Features



Our randomization system is an IWRS (Interactive Web Response System) integrated into Marvin and does not require an interface to any other external systems. It offers open or double-blind, multi-strata, multi-group randomization based on a block list or a widely configurable range of algorithms like variance minimization. Recently we added CARA randomization to support multi-armed clinical trials.

  • Seamless integration with Marvin EDC
  • Advanced materials management
  • Offers multiple randomization methods


Classify safety-related data such as adverse events or concomitant medications. Coder supports standard MedDRA and WHODrug dictionaries to automatically and manually encode verbatim terms by use of powerful search mechanisms. The coder module is fully integrated with Marvin via a Web Service API. 

  • Customizable standard user roles and workflows
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Upgrade dictionary during study conduct

Composer (eCRF Design) 

With the Composer, you can produce eCRF designs, document links, SDTM Tabulation and more to live in a single intuitive interface for your team. Never again struggle with any traditional office tool.

  • Smart metadata library functionality
  • Easy setup and management of amendments
  • Automatic output of the annotated CRF, data validation plan and more

If you want to learn more about high-quality eCRF design, click here to read what our project data manager Kalaivani knows about it.

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