Supporting Services – Software-as-a-Service

All you need for Clinical Trial Success

With our web-based “Software-as-a-Service” model you may use our software as required. This model ensures high availability. We offer solutions in the private as well as in the public cloud. Cloud services are hosted in the respective continent (Europe or US) according to the customer requirements.

  • Hardware Provisioning
  • Software Installation
  • Vulnerability Management
  • System Monitoring (off-site)
  • Backups, Recovery and Security
  • No Upfront Investment Costs

Service 24/7

For all our products, you can reach us for service requests or professional support (24/7) via our Hotline, via e-mail or via our Support Portal. We support all of your product related questions, no matter if you are a ‘full service’ or an experienced ‘do-it-yourself’ customer.

When you call our hotline, you don’t have to go through automated phone menu systems you immediately get one of our qualified Support Specialists on the phone

  • Support Portal and Hotline
  • Ticketing System with Details and Status
  • Personal and Dedicated Professional Services Specialists
  • 24/7

For more information, call our Customer Support:

+49 (0) 89 4522775-888 USA :  +1 201 793 7032


We offer an online interactive training system. With the end user in mind, eLearning incorporates the tell/show/do training methodology.

Marvin for Sites
Our eLearning module especially created for the site’s personnel (e.g., study nurse), who need a basic understanding and knowledge of the operation and functionalities of Marvin EDC.

Marvin for Sites with WebPRO
is based on the module Marvin for Sites. It has additional content about the Marvin WebPRO functionality.

Marvin for Monitors
was especially created for monitors, who’s work will be supported by a basic understanding and knowledge of the validation functionalities of Marvin EDC.

Marvin for Patients
Our eLearning module for patient users, with simplified navigation and data entry in Marvin

  • All eLearning sessions can be followed by a certification quiz and printed document for end-users.
  • If you have specific eLearning requirements, XClinical can develop custom made eLearning modules.

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Customer Success

We offer fast, flexible and focused services ranging from ‘full service’ to ‘do-it-yourself’. Select the services you require and create the ideal mix of professional study setup, consulting and training services to meet your specific needs. Our Customer Success team can be responsible for all or just a subset of the points listed below, as required.
For those points that you take care of yourself, we will, of course, continue to provide help and support. A dedicated specialist will be assigned to your study.

  • eCRF build
  • Configuration of Edit Checks/Queries
  • Creation of user roles and access rights
  • Creation of (customized) online reports and data exports
  • Configuration of specific modules such as Randomization, Drug Management and Logistics
  • Configuration of laboratory data import

Regulatory Compliance

Our staff is fully aware of what it means to work in a highly regulated environment. Training in topics like GCP, ICH, Data Security, 21CFR part 11 occur on an ongoing basis. Our Quality Management System ensures compliance with all relevant regulations.

  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • CDISC Platinum Member
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Automated System Testing

“We have extensive automated monitoring procedures in place. This in combination with the 24/7 availability of our technicians guarantees maximum availability of the hosted environments.”

Maurice Pustjens, Global Head of Operations
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