15 January 2021

By Sabine Birkner

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Clinical trials have become extremely complex, as have clinical systems. Their integration becomes a priority to maintain consistency and to gain efficiency in data collection. Often, mid-size pharma and biotech companies believe that such integration might be beyond their reach in terms of budget.

With our long-term partner, IDDI, an international biostatistics and data management CRO, we will present on the importance and the benefits of clinical systems integration and how we have combined our respective skills to produce a unique, fully integrated, and affordable platform.

As quite often the issue of integrating the data collected through each of these solutions remains a major point of frustration, the panelists will show how getting easier access to all clinical R&D data will improve reportability and ease the work for all users, including sites, sponsors, clinical research associates (CRAs), data managers (DM) and bio statisticians. Reliability, efficiency, and overall study performance become the direct benefits.

Special focus will be given to how the platform can be implemented covering the entire value chain of clinical development in a very cost-efficient way, addressing the specific needs of small and mid-size pharma, biotech and medical device sponsors.

What you will learn in this webinar:

1. The importance and the benefits of clinical systems integration

2. The definitions of ‘system integrations’ and the types of integrations

3. The reasons why integration is a must for the quality and consistency of clinical trials data

4. Best practices implementation of the integrated platform and how additional systems can be easily connected

5. The technical solutions of system integration to create a seamless workflow across the clinical development value chain

Our Speakers are:  
RUBY HARRELL – Senior Lead Clinical Data Manager – IDDI (International Drug Development Institute)  
MARTINA MARKOVA – Customer Success Manager – XClinical GmbH 

We hope you and your colleagues will join us!

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